Rules & Guidelines

Pinnacle Roleplay and all of it's properties are a friendly, supportive and loving community for people of all races, sexuality, religions and opinions. We take upkeep of this friendly and loving environment very seriously, we have a 0 tolerance policy against members who cannot respect these terms. This is a community for all, everyone is welcome and respected.


Harassment of another player or staff member is against the rules, this constitutes repeated offences towards the player, staff member or group. This includes things such as constantly messaging someone telling them they are not welcome here, threats of violence, bullying another for their culture over an extended period of time. We however understand that some of these can be considered jokes between two friends, and this is fine.

Punishment & Evasion

If for any reason a staff member has deemed your actions unacceptable and you have been punished, such as a ban you will not be permitted to try to get around this via evasion, such as creating new accounts. If you wish to dispute the actions of a staff member, their punishment or approach to your situation you are able to do so in a respectfully. These matters can be taken to the ticket center where we will respond as soon as we can. Breaking this evasion rule will result in a potential blacklist from all parts of the community.

Doxxing & Ddosing

This will be taken very seriously, any breaches of this will result in a black list from the community. Doxxing another player consists of revealing personal information about them against their consent. We do also not tolerate Ddosing, in our name or against us. We will not associate with any player or community that Ddos us or attempts to Ddos another community in favor of us. Competition is healthy and encouraged, everybody has their right to exist in this area.

Multiple Accounts & Sale

Use of more than one account per individual or sharing this account is forbidden, you are allowed only one account. This includes forums, game and other platforms we provide. If you are found to have more than one account we will permanently ban the account of your choosing, this will be your first warning. If caught again with another account you will be permanently banned from the community. Furthermore as accounts are an individual property, selling accounts, either your own or others will result in a blacklist from the community. This will include everything attached to your IP address and serial.

Asset , Stat Transfer & Scams

Transferring your assets, such as in game money, properties, businesses or vehicles is strictly forbidden outside of our accepted methods. These accepted methods include donating for a stat transfer or contacting an administrator and having Head Admin + permit this transfer. This transfer through Administration will only occur under very specific circumstances, such as loss of a character through bugs or ooc harassment. Scamming other players or staff members is strictly prohibited, this includes providing false information to administration and staff or scamming players of their property, accounts, funds and more. This will result in a permanent blacklist from the community.

Stolen Content & Plagiarism

As a group of professional designers and developers we take content theft and Plagiarism very seriously, if you are caught using other community members content, such as logos, skins and wraps or found to be plagiarizing these and passing them off as your own you will be punished according to the severity. As it is almost impossible to measure this for content outside of this community we will not restrict this, you are able to use images and such you find on google, however if asked by the respective owner to remove this content you must comply. Modifying others work is also against these terms unless it is found to have been of a significant degree, coming under free use.


We wish for everybody to enjoy their stay here, for this reason we have a strict policy against spam. This includes content such as repetitively posting the same content in discord, the forums or in game. Content such as spam posting the same image, over and over. Our response to this will vary case by case

NSFW Content

All NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content must be approved by an administrator before posting publicly on the forums, this includes material such as pornography, gore or graphic content and racism. Memes and joke are allowed and generally will remain unrestricted, we wish though that this content to be uploaded to the NSFW section of discord and respective for sections if one shall appear

AFK & Inactivity

We don't have a problem with being AFK or inactive, we understand life happens and life must come first. However to help maintain our seamless approach to roleplay and immersion we would ask you, if needed to go away from keyboard for a longer period of time. To do so in an area that will not disturb roleplay. Inactivity works somewhat similarly, due to the high demand of properties and real estate around San Andreas. Due to this there is a one month inactivity timer, your properties will be safe up to one month from when you last logged in. Due to circumstances that might prevent you from being able to login we can extend this period of time, however it is by request with reasonable proof.

Server Advertising & Promotion

Advertising and promoting other servers is against the rules and will result in a ban. May it be a server you own, are working on or a member on. This includes things such as sending links, discussing others servers to extent, promoting and advertising.

Bugs & Glitches

Bugs and glitches are common occurrence in video games and software, and it is our job as the developer to make sure these are dealt with quickly and correctly in order to maintain your satisfaction and fun. We have a ticket center and a bug report center through our UCP, we ask players to report bugs and glitches there. If you are caught manipulating a bug or glitch intentionally you will be punished, depending on the severity of the bug and it's outcome. These cases will be dealt with case by case

Donations & Currency

There are two currencies available and allowed through Pinnacle, these are In game currencies such as trading of money or assets and out of game currency. The only place real life currency is allowed to change hands in this community is through our Donation center when donating for PC (Pinnacle Coins). You are allowed to exchange real life labor such as art and skins for in game currency, however you must roleplay this transaction in game also. Found trading currency's that go against this will result in a permanent ban from the community. We want to maintain and ensure this community remains fair and equal, all transactions through the donation center will also abide by this, we will not offer a service or feature that provides a monetary or asset advantage over other players.

Interiors, Assets & Vehicles

You made sell or trade assets in game, these include properties, money, vehicles or other in game currencies that come available. There is no inactivity timer on your vehicles or assets, these will remain tied to your account unless force removed by an administrator or banned. Interiors however due to high demand will be removed after one month of inactivity

In Character & Roleplay Rules

Roleplay 24/7

When in character you must always roleplay, there are no exceptions to this. If you wish to discuss something OOCly, you have the option to do so via OOC chat.

Meta gaming & Power gaming

Meta-gaming and power-gaming in any capacity is against the rules and will result in a warning or punishment. Meta-gaming is the use of OOC information to benefit your IC character, information that you would not know in character or have access to. Examples of this can include knowing another players name or address, how much money they have in their bank account or where they will be at a specific time. Information acquired through OOC means, if you believe a player has broken this rule you are encouraged to report it on the Ticket Center or in game to one of our active and friendly staff members. Power-gaming is similar to meta gaming, it is the use of strengths or abilities that your character or player would not have access to realistically, for example you are Roleplaying as an elderly lady however she has the stamina and fortitude of a young person. She is able to fight off a group of young men, other examples could exist of your character flying without aid, forcing Roleplay outcomes on other players without awaiting response.

Character History & Development

This plays a very important role in the creation of your character, it is the history and story behind your character, the life that they lead that got them to here they are today or the explanations and reasons for their actions. Having an evolving and unique character story is important, it helps to immerse yourself and other players in the Pinnacle Experience. You can showcase your character and story on the forums under the appropriate sections or ingame via roleplay.


Deathmatching is disregarding Roleplay and randomly killing another player or entity within the world of Pinnacle without a reason. This would be done without Roleplay regard and is against our rules, such examples include running down the street and shooting everybody you see. These Deathmatch rules also extend to vehicles and driving. Deathmatching in a vehicle is also prohibited, this would be running down players or other vehicles without reason or regard for ones own life. Breaking these rules will result in a ban

Death, Character & Player Kills

Just like in real life in most situations you would fear death, or at least try to avoid it. To help keep the server as immersive and realistic as possible you must act the same in game unless you have sufficient reason. If you are held at gun point or threatened you would act scared and do what is in your best interest to survive. Character kills are when sufficient roleplay reason as occurred, resulting in the permanent death of your character. Examples of this include suicide, being shot by police or gang members, burning to death or dying from serious Roleplay. If you disagree with the admin that deemed your situation CK worthy you are able to and welcome to appeal this on the forums. Player kills are similar to character kills yet are not permanent, they are the result of accidents, such as death to a bug,minor roleplay including a car crash, falling off a building, being hit by a car etc. After your player has suffered as Player Kill or PK you will not be allowed to return to the scene of the accident, you must continue as if nothing ever happened and you have no recollection of the previous events that lead to your death.

Unlawful Roleplay & Prohibited Areas

These areas of roleplay are strictly against our rules and will not be allowed within Pinnacle, the reason for this is to help us maintain a standard of human decency and morals. To run an environment that doesn't seek to break any local or federal laws and harm anybody on the internet or in person. These prohibited areas include, Rape, Child Abuse, Molesting, Necrophilia, Bestiality and Sexual Harassment. If you are found to be breaking any of these rules you will be punished, if you were unaware of these rules we will give you a warning and refer you to the rules. If you break these rules again you will be permanently blacklisted from the community with no attempt at appeal. Possible legal action can be taken depending on whether your actions have caused real harm to another player. The exception to these is if all party members agree oocly and it has been recorded by an administrator or staff member.

Binds & Controls

In order to keep the server fair and equal binds that allow you to perform actions that directly inflict another player are no allowed, these include binds to withdraw weapons, or perform actions that would result in Powergaming. If you are found to be breaking this rule you will be warned, if repeated you will be returned to the application stage of Pinnacle and made to re-read the rules before reapplying

Provoking & Intentional Crime or Conduct

This is the act of intentionally aggravating Police, gang members or criminals in the World of Pinnacle in order to start a pursuit or aggression. You must remember to not disregard life. This can include prank calling the Police Department, withdrawing a firearm in front of them without sufficient reason and more.

Physics & Realism

Players found to be exploiting the failures of physics within the world of GTA V will be punished, this includes things like Ninja jacking another player from their car

Last Changes 28.07.2018