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    • The Pinnacle Roleplay Administration Team   Community Owner   @Oxigent   @Charon   Head Administrator  @CMNTS  @Wizzy  @Naiva   Lead Administrator  @Phoenix   Administrator  @Huera Gaming   Trial Administrator -
    • Introduction     In this development blog you will get familiar with the systems that Pinnacle Roleplay will be offering to you. The whole server Is made to be similiar to the Roleplay servers that you used to play Into SAMP or MTA. Due to that most of the players are coming from SAMP/MTA It was our main goal to make server similiar to one of these platform RP Servers, by not chaning commands and simple things like that, althrough we have Improved a lot of the systems due to the functions that GTA V Is offering to us. So let's begin.   Account System - We couldn't made It more simple like It Is now. You have to make your account through UCP and pass the Roleplay test. Once It's done you can hop In-Game and create your character. We are allowing up to three characters. Our function rich character creator will allow you to create character that you have always been dreaming of and that fits by 100% to your character story.    Carshop System - Do you want to purchase vehicle? Go to the nearest car dealer and take a look of the vehicles that are available, the vehicles that are In the dealership available will spawn there and you will be able to see them before you purchase. Once the vehicle Is purchased same vehicle can not been purchased once the dealership doesn't update their vehicle lot. (Respawns every 30 minutes) - Before purchasing vehicle you will be able to see ( Engine, Engine Capacity, Vehicle Brand - Model - Year and of course price)   HUD - We have made HUD that Is easy to overwatch and shows most Important functions like (Health, Time and Cash on hand)   Inventory - Beautiful design and easy to understand. Multiple functions are available like (Use Item, Give to other player, Drop and Show Item) - It only gets better. We have Implemented also Inventory for vehicles. - Do you want to search someone? No Problem, we have thinked about that too, If the player Is cuffed or tied up you will be able to search him and take Items from him. - Of course all of the things listed above are coming with beautiful CEF UI, so you don't have to write tons of commands.   Bank System - We are offering to you unseen Bank System Into GTA 5. To access your bank account firstly you will need to get an ATM card, once It's done go to the nearest ATM and Insert the card Into It. You will be able to Withdraw and Deposit money. And that's not It, every ATM comes with withdrawal limit, so be careful which ATM you are choosing by withdrawing large ammount of money.   Ban-System - Same system like everywhere else, but the main difference Is we will be only issuing Perm-Bans, so that means we will be giving multiple chances for the player before banning him.    Chat - All the commands that we are used to. No difference from MTA or SAMP Roleplay. Also we have Invented small security thing against people that are advertising other game communities, If he Is sending Private Message to any of the player and system thinks that he Is advertising something, staff will be alerted.   Clothing - Bored of wearing same clothes every day? No problem, we are offering multiple clothing stores all around the town so you can get clothes that you have always wanted. - Going to beach and It's too hot to be Into clothes? We are offering you a chance to take all of them off.   Elevators - We are offering elevator system just like In MTA. If you need teleport point from outside Into your garage we will make one for you.   Factions - Beautiful UI for factions to manage all of your employees or vehicles that are added to your faction.  - Factions can be requested through forums by making faction thread and posting Roleplay related screenshots.   Fuel - Every car has different fuel tank size and that's not It. Every car has different engine type and capacity which will affect fuel consumption so be careful what car are you choosing It might consume more fuel than you can afford.   Gates - Factions can request gates to be made for their properties. The gates can be moved using password.   Interiors - No difference from Interior System that we used to have In MTA or SAMP days, staff can make Interior by putting price for It and type. Players can purchase them or rent. - In addition for Interior System we have also Implemented furniture system so you can decorate your house. - Tired of default GTA 5 Interior? You can make your own using map editor and upload It through User Control Panel ( Premium Feauture )   Jobs - We have few city hall jobs available but we are focusing In near future to replace them with factions so people are Involved more Into Roleplay than constantly farming money. - The jobs we have currently available are ( Delivery Driver, Bus, Taxi and Warehouse worker )   DMV - Yes we have DMV system and you will be requested to pass the theoretical exam and driving exam before getting your drivers license.   Payday - Paydays are paid every hour. If you are unemployed you will receive $250   Phone - Phone comes with UI. Phone will have multiple functions like ( Call, SMS, Contacts )   Report System - Reports can be made from In-Game using the report panel. Once you have submitted your report admin will review It and contact you shortly.   Shop System - There are multiple types for the shops and shops can be made by admin.    Vehicle Manager - Something unseen In GTA 5, we have Implemented vehicle manager and that means Vehicle Consultation Team will be able to create different branded vehicles on top of one GTA 5 Default Vehicle Model. And that's not It, every vehicle comes with different handlings that Vehicle Consultation Team can change.  - Have you Roleplayed rebuilding your cars engine? Send logs to one of our Vehicle Consultation Team members, and If they are fine, you might get better handling for your vehicle.   Weapons - We will have custom weapon system. Weapons are saved Into Inventory and to be used you have to click on It through Inventory, so It prevents QS. Every weapon comes with It's own bullet capacity.  - If a player gets shot In head It's an Instant kill.   Weed System - Yes we have It. Do you have an access to weed seeds? Go ahead and plant them, once the weed has grown up you can received weed leaves from It.   Weather System - Is It snowing In real life? It will snow In Paleto! We are using system that Is using live weather data from Real Life using WEB API, that updates weather In-Game.   Vehicle System - A lot about the vehicle system was stated above but shortly. We will have unique vehicle system where you can add multiple vehicles on top of the one GTA V Model. For example we have GTA 5 Model SENTINEL on top of that we can create 2003 BMW 730i, 2011 BMW 740 or even 2005 Audi A8, the Vehicle Consultation Team will decide and of course If we can add real life brands to them we can add different engine type and capacity like 2.5 Diesel or 2.4 Petrol, and all of this will affect fuel consumption. - You will be able to use High Beams and Low Beams anytime. - And that Is not It. You can move the windows and they will physically move. And that all Is fully Synced between the players.   Boomboxes & Car Radio - Tired of GTA 5 Radio stations? No problem, we are offering Internet Radio for you.  - Boombox? Purchase It and drop on the ground, switch the station and turn volume up and party can begin, the volume will Increase or Decrease by the distance you are from the boombox.       That's It for now. I hope this Intruction made you understand what Pinnacle Roleplay Is. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through Discord.   Kind Regards, Pinnacle Roleplay Staff.      
    • PINNACLE - ROLEPLAY   Hello, newcomer! This topic will contain few changes that i, @CMNTS, and @Oxigent have done over the last few weeks.   Updates & Changes   We have updated forum theme/design so it looks almost the same as the UCP design. Comparison: UCP Forum Also, from now on, in order to play in our server, you will have to complete an RP Test (Application) in our UCP.    Sadly this is all for this time. More updates are comming soon! Join our discord server in order to be first to know about upcoming updates, events and other stuff.   Best regards, Pinnacle Staff Team.
    • ~Los Santos Policijas Departaments~ | Personālā Informācija | Vārds, Uzvārds: Dzimums: Dzimšanas datums: Pilsonība: Dzīvesvieta: Tālrunis: | Izglītība | IEGŪTAIS IZGLĪTĪBAS LĪMENIS (ar “X” iezīmēt piemērojamos)
      Augstskola []; Asociāta grāds []; Bakalaura grāds []; Maģistra grāds []; Doktora [] Iepriekšējā darba vieta: Pašreizējā darba vieta: Rekomendācija: | Jautājumi |  Kāpēc Jūs vēlaties kļūt par Los Santos Policijas Departamenta virsnieku? (150 vārdi minimums): 
      Kāpēc tieši Jūs jāpieņem Los Santos Policijas Departamentā? (100 vārdi minimums): | OOC Informācija | Vārds:
      In-Game UCP vārds: 
      Vai Tu kādreiz esi bijis LSPD darbinieks?:
      Ja jā, tad kapēc Tu pameti LSPD?:
      Vai uz doto brīdi Tu esi kādas Organizācijas biedrs?: 
      Spēsi lietot programmu Discord/TS3?:  
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