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Pinnacle Roleplay started It's epic journey in mid 2018 after a response from players that we felt was unmet and unmatched by other communities and servers. We unlike others take our journey into Paleto Bay and the surrounding countryside, with dedicated real life designers and programmers we offer expert performance and services. We don't just seek to bring you standard content such as real estate, business management and gang life. But an expanded and in-depth approach to all areas, a highly detailed and realistic Real-estate and financial system are examples of this. Weekly content updates and a safe and mature environment for people of all types." use this if its there.


Characters Created


Vehicles Spawned


Interiors Spawned


Unique Players


Your journey begins in Paleto Bay, the heartland of Blaine County.

Rich with business opportunities, exploration and mystery.

Your life is in your hands, Paleto supports all your needs with housing ranging from High-Low Range and business opportunities of a broad spectrum.

Sick of staying on land? Paleto offers the most beautiful, scenic and open view of the Northern Ocean.

From the bottom of the San Andreas Fault line to the tops of the highest buildings, Paleto is your home, your community and your adventure.

However if Paleto just isn't enough for you, the expanded country side is open and rife with opportunities and secrets.

Every Corner of Blaine County has it's own story to tell, it's own unique features.

As a resident of Paleto Bay and Blaine County your doors are open, the rolling hills and sprawling beaches your playground.



Updates, bug fixes and new content will be released weekly.



We are offering the latest in account security and management. Passwords are hashed and your account Is whitelisted using your RageMP serial code.



UCP, Forum, Server, Discord - Everything Is constantly kept up to date and fresh, modern is is out key.

How to start


  • Sign up for an account at UCP


  • Download and install RageMP
  • Launch the client and direct connect to TBA